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Virtual Legal Assistants

Leverage In-House Talent, Optimize Your Investment and Grow

Every law firm is focused on keeping clients happy and their practices profitable. No matter what the task, be it handling the phones, discovery, case management, dealing with client issues or performing administrative tasks, we have you covered.

  • We provide very bright Virtual Assistants who, with your guidance, will perform a host of services at your direction.

  • Our firm-wide experience includes intake, communication management, case management, discovery, any administrative or back-office work, and many other taskings to streamline day-to-day operations.

  • You will have immediate access to Assistants to help with any work you need done. Should you need one or several professionals, your team is always exclusively dedicated to you.

  • No task is too small or mundane and you can count on us ensure cost-effective reliability and performance.

  • Your Assistants are fully backed by the “VPP Reliability Guarantee” and your data is always secure and confidential.

  • Some of the more administrative taskings include intelligently managing telephone and email traffic, codifying conversations, delivering messages, updating your CMS, scheduling, managing changes to meetings and court dates, file management and helping keep your team on the same page at all times.

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