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How Virtual Paralegal Pros helped Tiffany Coleman cut expenses 66%, reduced her non-billable hours 77% and dropped hiring cost to $0.

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"Working with a professional firm that I can trust to take care of any issues and to assist our Specialist where needed is a real comfort. Having 40% more time to pursue other things is huge!"
Tiffany Coleman, Attorney at Law

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Lower cost than an in-house legal assistant.

Situational Analysis

Tiffany Coleman initially contacted us for assistance with the preparation of bankruptcy petitions and schedules. But after a brief consultation, they realized that Virtual Paralegal Pros could help in a much broader range of legal support services as well as administrative and back office support.

Reduction in time focused on case development and administration

Spent on recruiting and retraining costs.

Time Management

The addition of a dedicated VPP Support Assistant allowed her to reduce her time focused on case development by 77%. This freed up her personal time, allowing her to spend more time with family and philanthropic pursuits.

Reduced Costs

Bringing on a VPP Legal Support Assistant replaced the need for a paralegal and gave Tiffany a fully dedicated Specialist at 66% less than an in-house administrative assistant.  With Zero turnover, hiring and re-training costs, this has been a great solution for Tiffany, who told us “I really love working with my VPP Assistant. She is exacting, never missed a day and is always thinking ahead”.

Get to Know Us

 “I was skeptical at first, having a complex practice and client cases that require such careful management, but Virtual Paralegal Pros made me a believer. They learned my practice, put very smart people on my team and took a large workload off my plate very cost effectively. I think what makes the Virtual Paralegal Pros so good is their smart thinking, great oversight and solid people.”
Tiffany Coleman,Attorney at Law

Result Summary

  • Reduced administrative expenses

  • Turnover eliminated

  • Improved accuracy

  • Increased profitability

  • Reduced time on case development

  • Practice growth

Virtual Paralegal Pros Solution

Virtual Paralegal Pros provided a full-time dedicated Assistant to provide Legal Assistant duties, handle preparation of bankruptcy petitions and schedules as well as all administrative tasks including debt negotiation cases. Our activities included answers to Complaints for client execution, preparation of Powers of Attorney, Settlement Proposals and Acceptance Letters, Case Development and Scheduling to name a few.


Tiffany Coleman’s Law firm has been able to reduce labor and administrative expenses 66% over in-house assistants, eliminate turnover, improve accuracy and increase profitability. Now fully involved in Pro bono work, Tiffany is an ardent supporter of Virtual Paralegal Pros, encouraging others to include VPP as a long- term component of their staffing infrastructure.

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