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Case Management & Development


Virtual Paralegal Pros provides Legal Support Services to firms practicing in most areas of law. This takes the form of very bright professionals working under your direction with their performance overseen and assisted by senior VPP staff. Be it intake, new client qualification and enrollment, research, discovery, financial and medical data collection, case management, client service, proofing, quality control and case submission, we have your back, so you can grow more quickly and profitably.

The following is a list of tasks and attributes that our Legal Assistants routinely make available to our clients:

  • Capable of working with all parties involved in a case, your Assistants perform intake and client support as well as liaison with opposing and cooperating counsel and the courts at your direction,

  • Perform discovery and preparation of case materials,

  • Draft answers to complaints, powers of attorney, settlement proposals and acceptance letters as per your instruction,

  • Reviewing depositions, analyzing and tracking pertinent information,

  • Assisting with preparation of petitions and pleadings, schedules, trial and post-trial proceedings and the appeals process as per your training and protocols,

  • Ensuring cases proceed smoothly, organize and maintain case files, review documents to ensure adherence with your requirements,

  • Communicate case status with clients and outside counsel as requested,

  • Perform claim investigations and manage case files,

  • Draft other standardized legal documents for your review,

  • Handle all manner of administrative tasks.

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