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How Virtual Paralegal Pros helped a Litigation Law Firm reduce turnover 90% and administrative expenses 60%.

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 We just love working with you guys. If we have a problem, you get it fixed and that’s the end of it. We also love working with your management team who are very easy to work with and flexible.
Senior Staff, Litigation Law Firm

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Reduced labor and administrative expenses.

Situational Analysis

In the Fall of 2015 a large Litigation law firm approached us to assist them with several significant problems they were unable to solve.

Support specialists now dedicated to the team.


First, like most organizations, turnover was a problem in all areas from Client Intake to Case Development, Discovery and Back Office Operations. The firm was experiencing over 50% turnover in its administrative support staff every six months. As a result, the firm was continually hiring, training and rehiring staff members. This put a heavy load on their hiring and training managers, was very expensive and stalled the growth of the firm’s business.

Today 35 Virtual Paralegal Pros Assistants and five managers are fully dedicated to this firm representing 30% of their Support staff. VPP staff turnover is less than 10% annually, not 50% every six months. Also, VPP performs all of its hiring and training at no cost to the client.

Reduction in annual turnover and re-training.

Reduced Costs

Secondly, the firm desired to reduce administrative and general support costs overall. The firm’s in-house staff was two to three times as expensive as our team. VPP Specialist costs are 50 to 67% less than in-house staff with none of the labor burden, healthcare, turnover, retraining, HR risks and other hassles associated with in-house personnel.


Thirdly and as indicated above, rehiring has been dramatically reduced and is performed at no cost to the client.

Get to Know Us

“Another attorney suggested that I call Bob and his company about our administrative cost and staff turnover issues. For every five new people we hired and trained, we were lucky to have 1 or 2 of them with us after six months. Aside from the high costs, this turnover inhibited our growth. So I asked Bob and his team to help. Within a year we had 15 of their staff onboard. Their labor rates were way lower than ours, the quality at or above our internal team and very low turnover. VPP has made it possible to grow faster and at lower costs. Today about 25% of our team are outsourced to the Virtual Paralegal team.”

Senior Staff, Litigation Law Firm

Result Summary

  • Reduced administrative expenses 60%

  • 25% of staff replaced by lower cost back office personnel

  • Improved accuracy


  • Increased profitability    


  • Reduced time on case development

  • Enabled the firm to grow faster

Virtual Paralegal Pros Solution

In the Fall of 2015, we provided a handful of our Support Specialists so the firm could assess the effectiveness and accuracy of our people in the more problematical areas like client intake and qualification as well as case development. The performance of our team was so much better that by September 2016 we were hired to assist in almost every administrative and legal support area from Intake, New Client Qualification and Enrollment, Research, Data Collection and Confirmation, Case Development, Customer Service, Data Management and Case Submission.


By January 2018 with 25 Specialists already serving the firm, we were asked to increase the number of intake personnel to help accelerate their growth. We also assumed several back-office functions including collections. 


Due to the use of our Support Specialist, this firm grew their business, reduced labor and administrative expenses by 60%, virtually eliminated turnover (<10%), improved accuracy and substantially increased profitability. After almost seven years, this very happy client continues to grow our team serving and look for additional ways they can use Virtual Paralegal Pros.

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