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Back Office Support

Fine Tune Your Operations

Our long tenure, commitment to quality and superb track record make Virtual Paralegal Pros your very best choice for Back-Office and Operational Support. If greater profitability, new client acquisition and retention are important to your firm, let us help you. Virtual Paralegal Pros is the stand-alone Gold Standard in this field. With a singular focus on our Clients’ success, we maintain a superior staff and management team, unparalleled Intellectual Property and excellent methods for the execution of Back-Office activities.

In addition to Intelligent Communications Management, performing Intake, general office management and assisting in the areas mentioned in the Legal Virtual Assistants section, our Clients benefit from efficient and congenial interface with your team and others in the execution of a variety of activities, some of which include:

  • Graciously managing invoicing, accounts receivable management and bookkeeping,

  • Enrolling new Clients, making new and existing customer calls and answering questions,

  • Transcribing, proofing, organizing and filing legal documents, meeting deadlines, coordinating with the courts and opposing counsel,

  • Mailing, faxing or emailing of court documents to your clients, witnesses or court officials and

  • Organizing internal case-related records for immediate access.

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