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The Leading American Firm Revolutionizing Legal Outsourcing and Fueling Law Firm Success

  Virtual Paralegal Pros® is the only American firm providing comprehensive outsourcing services exclusively to the Legal Community.  It is the recognized Partner of Choice for Law Firms seeking to reduce costs and turnover, while optimizing operations and growth. We help accomplish this by delivering high aptitude, lower-cost, stable teams of professionals capable of assuming virtually any support function.  Based in Dallas, the practice was formed in 1996 and renamed in 2016. The firm and its affiliates have helped hundreds of companies achieve high-performing, stable workforces, increased profitability, and faster growth.

Successfully Providing Professional Services For 26 Years

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Why Team with Us

Empowering Your Success

Virtual Paralegal Pros is considered the foremost American outsourcing provider to the Legal Community. VPP no peer in its ability to integrate with, retain, grow and enrich our clients’ businesses. This is due to our superior people, proprietary processes, technology and culture. We can give you near-immediate access to one or a team of bright, capable professionals dedicated entirely to you. They are part of your team.

Unlocking Exceptional Business Value

  Virtual Paralegal Pros team members are all permanent staff. Selected for their aptitude, superior work ethic, proven performance, and experience, they are fiercely loyal to our clients and become essential members of their teams.


 Each member is part of a collective, collegial group that resembles an extended family. They know they have management’s support with any issue, be it work-related or personal. They are managed and cared for by a deep bench of partners, managers, IT professionals, and others. They have immediate access to a company doctor, financial and other kinds of assistance. 


We believe these factors and our ability to recruit the most exceptional professionals with exceptionally high staff and client retention history speaks to our unique position in the industry.


Best People Culture

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